About Tired Iron Shibas
    Tired Iron Shibas is family-owned and operated near Gainsville, Florida. My name is Sharon and my daughter Debi is also part of the operation. We are both Nurses. Since we began raising Shiba Inu's in 2005 we have been dedicated to raising quality puppies at a reasonable price. We treat every customer like they are a part of our family. Other Shiba Inu breeders may offer similar services, but our services come with an extra added personal touch. At Tired Iron Shibas our Shibas and our "Shiba Families" come first.

    We are not a puppymill or a backyard breeder. We do not list our Shibas on "Craigslist" or knowingly sell our Shibas to pet shops or "Puppy Brokers". We breed to share our love for Shibas with other.

   With being retired I am sending a lot of  time with our puppies.  Our puppies are well socialized with children, teenagers and several household pets. All of our litters are planned in advance. 

    The characteristics that we breed for are: Kan-i, Ryosei and Soboku, as well  as correct Japanese Shiba Inu conformation.

    Kan-i is defined as a boldness of spirit combined with alertness and a keen sense of awareness.
    Ryosei is defined as good natured. It is said that a Shiba should be obedient, faithful,loyal,respectful and under the control of their owner to have "good nature".
    Soboku is defined as beautiful in a manner that is natural, not contrived or artificial. It is said that Soboku is best described as "what you see is what you get.