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As of January 

Bessy (B & T) & MO (B & T)
   *Delivered Jan. 7, 2022

​Sindy (Red) & JW (Red)

Molly (Red) & MO (B & T)

Lilly (Red) & Reggie (B & T)

Amber (Red) & Thor (Cream)

(*) Arrived litters

     Deposits are $200 & are 

You will be added to the waiting list when your DEPOSIT is received.​
  Puppy Prices as of 01/2018
Red or Black & Tan $1800
Cream  $1800
Limited registration

    It is very difficult to accommodate potential puppy buyers while we strive to maintain the safety & health of our adult dogs & puppies.  We understand the excitement in picking out your puppy but until your puppy goes home with you, we are responsible for his/her health & safety. Therefore we take ever precaution to prevent the transfer of diseases, reduce stress, and to keep our dogs & puppies from any treat.  Because we take this responsibility very seriously we maintain a NO VISITATION POLICY to our kennel or home.

    Most people do not realize that deadly diseases can be transmitted from shoes, clothes, or hands that can be transferred to puppies that have not had all of their vaccinations.  All puppies should be carefully  protected until they have had their first series of vaccines & extra precaution should be taken until they are fully vaccinated.  Most of our puppies are sold before they are two weeks old and until then it is our main concern to keep them & our adult dogs safe from any diseases. We achieve this by following a strict vaccine schedule, disinfecting of our kennel & maternity ward, & and strict security of our adult dogs & puppies. 

    By having a no visitation policy we of course prevent diseases, but this is not the only concern that we have with of mothers & our puppies, visitors can cause stress for the mother's that are very protective of their litter. In these hard times safety is  our up-most concern, there have been multipliable cases of people pretending to being potential buyer only to return at a later time to steal the puppy or whole litter. Criminals have started  targeting pure bred dogs because of the demand. We would like to avoid any situation that puts our adult dogs or puppies in any danger of bein taken.

    It has been our pleasure to provide healthy puppies to our extended dog families.  Therefore we are sorry if any one is offended by our policy, but all adult dogs & puppies are our main concern.

​                    Waiting List as of Jan. 11, 2022

1. James & Olivia - Male (Black & Tan)

2. Xing Yi - Male (Cream)

3. Kim & Eric- Female (Red) (Sindy/JW)

4. Colby- Male/Female (Red) (Sindy/JW)

Breeder has the right to FIRST PICK
 from any upcoming litter