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The puppy that changed my life!

I discovered Tired Iron Shibas by a stroke of incredible good luck. I had become disabled from a spinal injury & nerve damage in my legs, & I knew that getting a service dog would be the next path for me. I talked w/ Sharon about my needs, & she specially selected a puppy that would be suited for service training. Since we have gotten our baby Chiyo home, we bonded instantly. he alerts me to take my pain medication before an episode strikes. This is a life changer for me. Not only is Chiyo impressively intelligent & focused, he also has the calmest, most loving demeanor I have ever seen. Sharon's magic touch in raising him, along with his extensive AKC champion lineage, made for a puppy that is full of exceptional talent & an innate gift for healing. Chiyo is giving me a second chance at life, & I will love him & treasure him always. Tired Iron Shibas is where to go if you are ready to find your angel.

Reviewer: courtney, January 16, 2017