About Tired Iron Shibas
Deposit Information:
​ For the deposit we will accept money orders or a personal checks made out to Sharon K Fletcher only, as long as it has time to clear our bank before you pick up your puppy. This can be sent through USPS to PO Box 127, Bell, Florida 32619. Make sure you put a tracker on it so we know where it is. We require a $200 deposit (as of Oct 10, 2017), Non Refundable, to reserve a puppy. Remaining balance is due when you pick up your puppy. Shipping is available for an additional $350..If shipping is necessary the balance for the puppy plus any shipping needs to be paid when the puppy is 6 weeks old. This must be paid before the puppy is to be shipped. Puppies older than 8 weeks of age need to be paid in full, before shipping arrangements can be made. No puppy is placed on hold unless a deposit has been made. Once you have made your choice and either purchased a puppy or put the deposit down, we need to have your name, physical address, phone number, your email address and if shipping is necessary we need the airport you want the puppy shipped to. We book the flights and email you all the details. It usually takes a couple of days for us to get everything in order for shipping all you need to do is be at the airport to pick up the puppy, with a photo ID. Puppies come with a "new puppy" kit and the necessary paperwork to register them with AKC..
Shiba size and colors:
   At 8 weeks old our Shiba puppies usually weight between 4 to 6 pounds.

  Red Shiba puppies usually get lighter in color as they get older. The dark muzzle will also lighten in color and turn tan.

  Black and Tan Shiba puppies will look all black when first born. The tan markings do not completely appear until between 4 to 6 weeks old. The gray coloring will turn tan.

  Red Sesame Shiba puppies look very dark when they are born. As they get older the tips of their fur stays black but the undercoat will be red.

  The white "markings" on a Shiba are called "Urajiro". This term is used to describe the desirable white markings on the Shiba coat.  These markings are present on the Shiba's muzzle, neck & lower jaw, cheeks, chest stomach, underside of tail, inside of legs & paws. All coat color of the Shibas, except cream, should have these white markings ("Urajiro") in these ares.  Some Shibas also have white markings on the legs, giving the impression of socks.  
    Please text or email me with any additional questions. 
Care & Vaccine Information:
   I raise only AKC Shiba Inu puppies. Some of the parents of the puppies come from Champion & imported bloodlines. All puppies are born in our house with us right there to assist if needed. Puppies are kept in our house and socialized daily until ready for their new families. We worm our puppies at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. Puppies get their 1st DHLP at 7 weeks of age. Puppies are vet checked and come with a 1 year congenital/hereditary health guarantee.